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RECOMMENDATION ITU-R M.1677.PDF International Morse code

qstmorse.pdf (524 Kb) Quick and easy CW with your PC by Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT

k3mt.pdf (26 Kb) K3MT presents . . . CW skill and how to acquire it

Kh2dmc.pdf (17 Kb) KH2D on Morse Code

KH2DContesting.pdf (15 Kb) KH2D's Tips For Successful CW Contesting

iambic.pdf (27 Kb) Iambic sending by Chuck Adams, K5FO

20wpm.pdf (13 Kb) 20 WPM - Here is how ! by Jim Reid KH7M

modeab.pdf (41 Kb) Keying mode A/B explained by Chuck Olson, WB9KZY

morse.pdf (428 Kb ) The origins of Morse. Written by Tony Smith G4FAI for Practical Wireless.

eucw.pdf (245 Kb )The constitution of the EUropean CW association.

hsce-p.xls The alphabetical memberlist for all the clubs mni tnx to Alphons DL1TL