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The Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club HSC was founded in 1951 as a community within the "Deutscher Amateur Radio Club e.V." (DARC) of radio amateurs interested in high speed telegraphy. Today there are members in more than 70 countries (DXCC list) and all 6 continents.

The HSC is a member of the "European CW Association" (EUCW) and
cooperates with other telegraphy clubs.
Our Club stations DL0HSC and DK0HSC transmit "HSC bulletins" every first saturday of each month at 1500 UTC on 7.025 MHz in English and at 21.00 UTC (during summertime at 20.00 UTC) on about 3.555 MHz in the German language. That way you are informed about new members,activities, and other news of common interest.
There are two HSC CW CONTEST's and an HSC MARATHON every year.To promote activities, the HSC issues an award for working members:WORKED HIGH SPEED CLUB (WHSC) This award is for SWL's too. You can find a list of members elsewhere on this site.

The HSC Committee consists of:

Prof. Dr. Hans Schwarz DK5JI
Birkenkamp 7
59302 Oelde
Holger Matthiessen DK4LX
Rosenweg 26
36154 Hosenfeld
Awards Manager
Jürgen Mertens DJ4EY
Am Mühlenbruch 32
D-59581 Warstein
Contest Manager
Jörg Vollbrecht, DL4CF
Steingasse 3
06642 Nebra (Unstrut)

HSC-Committee Members: DK5JI, DL1VDL, DL8LBK, DL4CF, DK7VW, DL6LBI,


How to join the HSC

Listen on the HSC frequencies 25 khz from the lower band edges
(3570 khz additionally) and contact as many members as possible.
Use telegraphy speed of 25 Wpm or higher and show your ability to
read and key this speed perfectly.
Use your best operating technique , if possible [bk] or [QSK] .
Be courteous and fair,always observe the laws of Amateur Radio
and the unwritten laws of ham spirit.
The use of keyboards,decoders or computers is NOT allowed.
After a few contacts ask the member to send you his recommendation
for HSC membership.
Only two-way contacts for at least 30 minutes will be accepted for
a test QSO.
When you have 5 different recommendations in your possession,
send them with your application to the HSC secretary, DL1VDL.
All applications should contain the statement that you did not use a
keyboard, decoder or computer during the five test QSO's.
Enclose € 5,= to cover costs.
There is NO further payment for life membership.

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